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September 26, at 3: The wooden drum naturally required much more hands on work. The brass shell was made, chromed, and essentially was assembly only once it arrived at the factory. Quality was excellent, edges were well done, Natural Maple, California Wine and Tobacco Sunburst Maple lacquer finishes, and the expansion of the memrilock system. Photos taken in November by JC show several prototype hardware parts, and the next great Rogers presentation Displayed at the Rogers booth are Dynasonic and SuperTen snare drums in 5, 6. There is no seperation in the development history of the XP10 Dynasonic and SuperTen snare drums away from each other. They have a very similar shell design, bearing edge design, and were introduced simultaniously into the market.

Rogers Dyna

Some of you know the buzz of excitement when you find Hi-fi: The drum that got me going You smell a potential score that will fill a hole in your collection, and you start to tingle. You check a few photos, ask a few questions, and you turn to the Holy Drum Geek Triumvirate for answers: Friends, Facebook, and Forums. And then you jump.

Another of the Rogers classic snares, the Rogers Powertone snare is a collector’s piece you can play! If you can get a hold of one that is. Read our review.

Stuff that’s important to me! Wednesday, January 22, Sparks Drummer Project 2: I’ve had some good eras in my life, and that was one of them. Harley Feinstein This is the second of a planned series of discussions with the individuals that have drummed with the band Sparks. Sparks are led by Ron and Russell Mael and are known for their musical experimentation, and each drummer has had to meet a different set of musical challenges.

The first of these discussions was with David Kendrick, who drummed with Sparks from to That interview can be found here. Recently, I spoke with Harley Feinstein, who drummed with Sparks during their formative years, from During those years, the band released two albums: Lowe, who was a founding member of the Electric Prunes, was also the sound engineer on the first record.

In addition to Harley on drums, Ron Mael on keyboards, and Russell Mael on vocals, that band also included another set of brothers, Earle and Jim Mankey on guitar and bass guitar, respectively. Harley and I recapped some ground covered in two excellent and highly recommended podcasts with Harley conducted in , but also focused on the the formation, production, and performance of Sparks’ music during the time that Harley was involved – in particular from a drummers’ perspective.

Steve Worrall’s two essential Retrosonic podcasts can be found at: Harley remains musically active and we also talked about some of his current projects.

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Replacement Snare Rail for Your 14″ Dyna-Sonic This is a replacement snare system for your new or vintage Dyna-Sonic snare drum. Rogers’ patented Dyna-Sonic snare rail gives you the snare sensitivity you need without choking your tone.

Great price on those. Will Gretsch be next? I had thought about that as Anthony Amodeo urged me to that some time ago ; But who knows. I really wanted a third kit because the Slingerlands I don’t want out of the house and sometimes the Ludwig won’t fit. Plus this set will get rented at choir festivals so it was a “new tool” buy as opposed to a “covet” buy. But for the price anything new would be really cheap so I knew I didn’t want that. Those look killer, they’re gonna sound very nice. Get the Dynasonic to go with.

That usage is three full years after your kit. The no serial badge usually designates a dating estimation of Memriloc spurs were used exclusively through to the end of USA production in The Fullerton era cast Swivomatic floor tom legs and mounts were replaced by Memrilock in later What I love even more is the journey you take us all on. Never a dull moment.

DrumDrops Ludwig Super Classic Kit

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If not, you should be. Rogers began selling drums in , and by the s and 50s, were popular with big band drummers. The company was based in Ohio near key competitors Ludwig and Slingerland in Illinois. What Rogers is probably most famous for was the Dyna-Sonic snare drum. Released in and produced until the company was shuttered , this snare had many of top-of-the-line features including ten lugs, adjustable muffler, chrome over brass shell or wood, but the wood shell models are very rare , and a lever action throw-off.

On most snares, tightening the snares pulls the snare tighter against the bottom head. The Dyna has a snare frame that allows you to tension the snare wires independently. Thus you can have a tight snare sound, yet a fully resonant bottom head. The throw-off only controls how tight the frame is against the bottom head, not how tight the snare wires are being pulled. Or at the very least, unique.

And lemme tell you, this drum was hot. Buddy Rich played one while he was a Rogers endorsee.

Why did the parallel action snare die [Archive]

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Slingerland 65′ Marching, Purple sparkle, new heads, Pure Sound snare wires, maple 12x

Check out our collection of Vintage Ludwig drum kits. Add one of these beauties to your collection today! These offer the classic Ludwig tone we’ve come to love, featuring hardware options that were designed for a more budget friendly price tag back in the day. These are easily some of the hippest kits to have. Club dates have an identity of its own, aesthetically speaking, while offering the quality and tone we demand as pro players.

A much overlooked gem of a kit. It sports all original parts, and black oyster wrap. Kit is in excellent condition, with no aftermarket modifications. This Ludwig kit has all the mojo you’d want out of a vintage kit. This finish definitely falls under the more “rare” category. It was in production for a short time, with very low turnover in production.

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With that said many drum companies never even used serial numbers early on. Complete business history and dating guide for all catalogued snare drums, outfits, and production clues such as badges, colors, etc. That being said some drums did get date stamped on the inside shell and that is the most accurate rogers dating guide when a drum was made. Rogers dating guide Memoir of the iconic Tonight Show big band drummer from his boyhood days to today.

Includes capsule histories of dozens of drum companies.

Complete business history and dating guide for all catalogued snare drums, outfits, and production clues such as badges, colors, etc. That being said some drums did get date stamped on the inside shell and that is the most accurate rogers dating guide when a drum was made. Rogers Dyna-Sonic .

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I can’t stop buying snares!

Other notable Rogers drums were the Powertone model of snare drums and the Holiday model of tom-toms and bass drums. Grossman moved the company to Covington, Ohio, and under his leadership Rogers was propelled to the forefront of American drum making for the next decade and a half. Design engineer Joe Thompson and marketing guru Ben Strauss were instrumental in Rogers’ success during its golden age from the mid s to the late s.

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Search our web sites! Rogers Vintage Drum History Please support this web site project and visit our special links pages for Ebay, Amazon and other music merchants online. Click Here after you are done with your research and if you plan on buying anything on Ebay, Amazon or other select music merchants. Welcome to the Vintage Rogers Drum section of the web site. There are a variety of pages dedicated to Rogers drums and if you can’t find the information you require then you can visit the Vintage Drum Forum and contact our resident Rogers Expert TommyP.

This page has a variety of Rogers History sections.

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Interview 7 How long have you been playing? I got my first pair of drumsticks when I was three. The first thing I did was smashing the dashboard in our old Suburban: Then some time flew by. My interest in playing were downsized to only playing once a week and no practice. After that I was 20 and then all of a sudden inspiration started to flow again.

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Colorado Springs, Colorado, Ships to: B Snare Drum: All original, no modifications and well cared for. Set has been gently cleaned and polished. Greased tension rods and snare throw-off, parts move quietly and smoothly. Cast collet noses, beautiful chrome and beaver tail lugs some minor flaking on high-hat upper tube, see photo. Rogers bass pedal, hi-hat stand, 2 cymbal stands, authentic Rogers drum key, Ludwig throne.

Original mufflers and bass felt.

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This photo clearly shows the bass drum anchor that was added to DC’s front bass drum hoop. This is the first time that this has been captured on camera. This is a very useful aid for dating the photographs. I suspect that the work to install the flashing lights in DC’s bass drum and floor tom happened in the first few weeks of Rick Huxley said, “In answer to a question about how the light bulbs in Dave’s drums didn’t keep blowing, I can tell you that they weren’t anything really sophisticated.

Extremely rare instruments dating from the s to s were meticulously recorded at Abbey Road Studios using a mixture of period equipment alongside state-of-the-art recording chains that allow users to blend the best of old and new.

There were Zildjian cymbals and a Rogers Dynasonic snare drum—which sounded great—along with two suspended toms and a floor tom. How did you track the drums? The tracks were recorded pretty normally. We never used any click track; everything was human-feeling. I would count off the songs and we would just play together as a rhythm section—me, George, and Billy Preston, David Foster, or Richard Tee on keyboards, with Willie Weeks on the bass.

All the basic tracks were recorded together. There were some overdubs done in the end, where George did some slide and rhythm guitars. I never overdubbed drums. What you hear me playing was exactly what I played live to tape, though there were some percussion overdubs by Emil Richards, such as tambourines, woodblocks—all the little goodies that go along with sweetening up a track.

What are some of your memories of playing with Little Richard? Playing with Little Richard was one of the greatest thrills of my life. They were playing in the lounge there. The guys in the band found out that I could play drums and gave me an audition on a Saturday. They told me they would like me to sit in and play with them in case their drummer was ever unable to make it.

Steve Maxwell Vintage Drums – (Rogers 5×14″ Wood Dynasonic Snare Drum – 2/19/15)