Rich Dollaz Confirms That He Is Dating Moniece Slaughter

She is a pretty girl tho. I am still here for the theme music! JMarieful Milan whined too much, had a fake storyline, and looked like a giant mil dud lol. He needed to go tbh Kagem Ha ha ha ha true! RealityTvHoes What irks me the most in this episode is that grey mop on Moniece head. Then it was that yappy chihuahua Brandi, all you hear is loud noise.

Moniece Slaughter Debuts Her New Girlfriend

“There’s no relationship,” Moniece Slaughter said about her and Rich Dollaz’s dating status. “He’s dead to me.” Though Moniece wouldn’t go in-depth about her thoughts on Rich out of respect for his family, she did have some choice words for his ex-fling, Love and Hip Hop: New York star MariahLynn.

Moniece Says She Has a Girlfriend Who’s Better at Sex Than Rich

After dating fellow Love and Hip Hop star Rich Dollaz, Moniece Slaughter (who shares a son with former B2K member Lil Fizz) started dating a woman named AD Diggs. The two started dating .

Moniece Slaughter Confirms Rich Dollaz Dating Rumor

Moniece Slaughter was with her ex-boyfriend Rich Dollaz for some period of time before she exposed the dirty intentions of the man. The controversy which claimed that Rich Dollaz used Moniece to gain fame has attracted a lot of attention and is being talked by many people around the world.

Rich Dollaz and Moniece Slaughter

popular reality television star Moniece Slaughter amassed a sizable fortune. In tabloids brought rumors about her new relationship with Rich Dollaz. It appears that these two are really dating. We wish them long and happy relationship.

Who is Rich Dollaz Dating

Richard “Rich Dollaz” Trowers started at the bottom. Long before him, Peter Gunz, Cisco and DJ Self formed The Creep Squad, Rich was a hard working intern. Decades later, Rich’s hard work is paying off.

Rich Dollaz Net Worth Richard “Rich Dollaz” Trowers started at the bottom. Long before him Peter Gunz Cisco andDJ Selfformed The Creep Squad Rich was a hard working intern. Decades later Rich’s hard work is paying off.

Rich Dollaz Net Worth is $ Million Rich Dollaz Biography. Rich Dollaz about his actual name Richard Trowers was created about August 4, in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA.

Previously, Moniece Slaughter dated Rich Dollaz and had a baby with Lil Fizz. And, Slaughter says that girlfriend Diggs is better in bed than Rich Dollaz. Ouch.

Moniece’s Sex Tape Makes Fizz & Max Reach A Breaking Point