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Thank you for your candid review and a similar thanks to all of your contributors who have made this one of the most comprehensive I have ever seen.After feeling sorry for myself had subsided I decided to do something about my weight.Read the information brochures that come with your packaged meals as they will tell you what you can add.You have to remember Nutrisystem is a diet and like all diets it restricts the number of calories your body will get.I discovered plenty of beneficial diet ideas on this site and now I find this great review of Nutrisystem.The person I spoke with each time was friendly and really helpful.Being inactive really slows down metabolism and that reduces the rate of weight loss even when you cut calories to a third or more of what you were eating.

After Nutrisystem I lost another 7 or 8 lbs just because I had finally learned portion control.I am in the process of filing a consumer complaint against them.But if you can change your eating to fit your waking hours and not what the clock says, then you can do this.Comments are queued for moderation to prevent spam so they will not appear right away.

Maintaining weight once it has been lost is totally your choice and in your hands.We are seeing some merit in this approach for some men because it is so.When you have gotten used to eating less and healthier food, the trick is to just get determined and be tough with yourself.I am another one who tried Nutrisystem and had what I believe is moderate success.Seriously, I feel they have a faulty product that they acknowledge as hit or miss and will not stand behind.Regular plans are not frozen and can be stored anywhere, although preferably someplace cool.My goal is to get in to that yellow polka-dot-bikini this summer and feel fabulous.Hi Jennifer, 100 pounds is a lot to lose and this is a good, positive step to going for that goal.

Please realize that to lose weight you really need to eat less food — you have to train yourself to grow accustomed to eating smaller meals.I went on their womens vegetarian diet in April and I was pretty surprised at how good the meals were after I heard from folks saying they were bad.I was considering trying NS, but I am concerned because the food is processed and I am fluid retentive.I would not recommend it to anyone who loves tasty, good home cooked food or to anyone who is already a good cook.You are still going to find advertisements for Nutrisystem everywhere you look.You read about people who hated the food or had all kinds of problems, some arguing with customer services over some aspect they were unhappy about.I know more will come off with the help of Nutrisystem and work out group.I work out every day, and out 2 out of the 4 days i did hot yoga for 90mins.

I believe that combining the diet with the exercise is what made it so successful.I made the decision there and then to do something positive and found Nutrisystem online.I am one of the successes I guess, losing 22 pounds over two months on the Nutrisystem womens plan.Good luck to everyone in their weight loss journey, whether you use Nutrisystem or something else.Please spread the word that this is a shady business looking to fool customers who are not checking their finances carefully.Or you can even get adventurous and make your own fresh spicy dressings.The system works quite simply, in that you just order what you want from their website or you can do it over the phone.And yes, adding exercise to the diet is absolutely the way to ensure success.You should probably arrange to have someone to take the delivery especially if you live in a hot climate, maybe have a neighbor help out there.

NS recommend adding protein, veggies and dairy but its NOT obligatory.I use the tiny round ice cubes, like what comes out of a fountain pop machine.However, since that time, my weight has gone up and down by 1-2 lbs, but my total loss to date is 6 lbs.I just completed my second month on Nutrisystem for men and hit my target of being 20 pounds lighter.I chose the Nutrisystem for Men diet and tried it for a month.I am writing because I have one little complaint that may help some of your readers.I told my friends about what I was doing with NS cause I thought they should all know I was trying to lose weight and they were supportive too.I also had some success with NS, gong on the womens diet in May this year I lost 8 pounds in a month just by swapping out my regular meals for the Nutrisystem meals.

Mohamed, that is an incredible amount of weight to lose over a sustained period, so well done.That was two months ago and I still keep to my right weight, eating right and exercising.It was a load better than eating a plate of rabbit food like some diets.

Ever since then, I fell in love with the lunch fettuccine alfredo, the mint desert bar, the butter popcorn (it seems to be a really nice sized portion) and the chocolate breakfast muffins.The food is certainly not toxic or there would be a lot of lawsuits from relatives of dead customers.Sorry to be negative, but again, I am really nervous about the money being spent.

Jonas, the small meals are a real stumbling block for many people when they are not expecting it.With all the exercising you are doing could it be that you are building muscle, which I am told weighs more than fat and that is the reason you are not seeing a weight loss.Lynn, the best thing to do is get on the phone with Nutrisystem and ask to speak with their support (not sales).The amount will vary from person to person of course, but as long as you stick to the diet you will succeed.

One of my problems with dieting before was that I would get tired of eating the same things over and over.But you know I succeeded and now I eat fairly small, regular home cooked meals instead of buying so much junk like I used to.I was on Nutrisystem for 2 months, and lost about 40 lbs and kept it off until my freshman year of College.To expect any food company to consistently produce a 100% perfect product every time is not feasible.Many people get along just fine on the diet without adding anything to the meals.If i cancel after the 2nd delivery will i still be charged the extra shipping fees and price for the first month.When i look at the meal plans for vegetarians, they dont have a select plan that means no frozen food.This is the first diet I have actually ever been on so I was a little apprehensive about starting and sticking to it.I get so excited about seeing people talk about this success.

I have read through all of these comments and I have decided to go with NS.I walked some, then went for a swim every day to start, then after I started feeling stronger, I started simple stuff like skipping, running on the spot and using a stepper machine my wife had.Check with your doctor on this to be absolutely sure and maybe enlist the services of a good nutritionist because 100 pounds is a lot of weight to lose.Unless I am organized with my meals, I wind up stopping and getting something stupid.