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A Framework or a CMS? What is better to choose? There are lot of articles who are talking about Frameworks and CMS systems. Which is the best? However I wanted to write an article from a totally different perspective. A web application framework is simply based on coding. If you are a programmer or a web developer that loves coding you often choose a Web application framework for your projects. A CMS is a Content management framework and it is based on the modules rather than code. Of course programmers can also choose a CMS as they can do their job faster. There are lot of fights… There are lot of misunderstandings about what a framework and what a CMS can do.

13 PHP Frameworks to Help Build Agile Applications

In addition to the problem of safety, that cause also a problem of management of the load memory of the process father. At this time all the additional functions and objects are loaded and usable by all script what is normal. With the execution of Sx script in Tx: The problem comes from there. Andi wondered aloud if the IIS thread was still running at that stage?

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Now you need to protect it. Zend Guard’s powerful encoding and obfuscation technologies prevent reverse engineering, copyright infringement and unauthorized modification of your code. Encoding is a process where the PHP source code is converted to an intermediate machine readable format, just like PHP encryption. This format is hard for humans to read and convert back to source code.

As a result it protects your code from casual browsing. This means that if people obtain access to your site’s code they will not be able to use that for unintended purposes.


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Zend Framework manages issues on GitHub. From the list below, please choose the package against which to report the issue, and then click the “Open Issue” button. From the list below, please choose the package against which to report the issue, and then click the “Open Issue” button.

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This application is meant to be used as a starting place for those looking to get their feet wet with Zend Framework. Installation using Composer The easiest way to create a new Zend Framework project is to use Composer. If you don’t have it already installed, then please install as per the documentation. To create your new Zend Framework project:

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After looking at the above result is clear that Zend framework is the best PHP learn, Zend Framework you can check the following book from Aspress for learning the best PHP framework as preferred by many PHP developers, Zend Framework.

Thank you, Andi, for joining us on the show. Thanks for having me. Yeah, not a problem! I studied at the Israel Institute of Technology in Israel. In the middle of that, I also was in the Israeli Army for five and a half years, working on non-web related software projects. I got 15 of 16 fighter planes. Yeah, very different from web and mobile.

Zend has been a big part of my life for the past few years. Alright, so how did you get your start in programming? I started very early on. So how did you get involved with PHP? We really liked the idea behind the language, but we just finished a compiler course. So we put our shopping cart project aside. He and the community joined the PHP3 project and the rest is history.

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By Grace Smith Using a framework also facilitates scalability and long-term maintenance by complying with development standards, keeping your code organized and allowing your application to evolve and grow over time. By removing the time and effort required to build generic components, you can dedicate more time to specific tasks and functionality, and focus on sustainable, high-quality code.

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All of the configuration files for the Laravel framework are stored in the config directory. Each option is documented, so feel free to look through the files and get familiar with the options available to you. If you are using Nginx, the following directive in your site configuration will direct all requests to the front.

Zend-Avesta The original document of the religion of Zoroaster, still used by the Parsees as their bible and prayer-book. Text and translation are often spoken of together in Pahlavi books as Avistak va Zand ” Avesta and Zend ” , whence – through a misunderstanding – our word Zend-Avesta. The origin and meaning of the word ” Avesta ” or in its older form, Avistak are alike obscure; it cannot be traced further back than the Sasanian period. The language of the Avesta is still frequently called Zend; but, as already implied, this is a mistake.

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I love to solve problems. I spend most of my personal time reading about new technologies, new languages and new techniques. Even if I would never use them directly, they usually inspire me to invent something new. I love my work and I am very passionate about technology. I like to share my experience and learn through my colleagues and the technical community. The main technology I use nowadays is Javascript. I started to program in Javascript in and since then worked full time with it.

I did front-end work for all my projects, as well as back-end.

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